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Mr. Autry Brantley

Fort Hays State University

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Fort Hays State University


​‎A visionary, passionate about excellence in student-athlete development and society...

An American Basketball Coach (a FIBA Certified Coach) + consultant adept in the best practices of developing, promoting and managing championship caliber basketball teams (e.g. NCAA Recruiting, The NBA Draft, team valuation of anthropometric and goniometric assessments, emotional and basketball IQ, athletic and statistical performance, as well as, talent acquisition and strategic management).

Experienced working with amateur student-athletes in NFHS — NCAA Student-Athlete Development programs and professional basketball players in ABA — FIBA Player Development and Social Responsibility initiatives, as well as Olympic Qualifying Tournaments. Adroit with many transferrable business skills (e.g. recruiting + training, legal + market research, marketing + communications, as well as, accounting + finance).

Excels in and/or creates ethically and ergonomically conducive work environments and cultures that embrace work-life balance, collaboration and synergy.